Departments are to complete request forms with all needed signatures, then send to FASC Business Office (or designated contact listed) for approval/completion. If there are any questions about the form(s) or COA accounts to charge, please email us for clarification.


Procurement Related Forms
Payroll Related Forms
Travel Related Forms
  • The Preapproval Travel Form is required to be completed prior to booking any conference or research travel for Faculty, PTLs, Staff, and/or Students/Guests. Please note that the FASC Dean’s signature is only required when it comes to the travel request of Chairs or Associate Deans. Otherwise, these forms are to be approved by the respective Department Chairs and funding office (Business office or Grants). Download the Preapproval Travel Form here.

  • Cash/Travel Advance Procedure If a cash advance is needed, complete the Request Cash Advance in Oracle Expense Management. The traveler, not the delegate, must complete this request.