The Dean’s Office is located on the 3rd floor of Armitage Hall.  General questions about the academic programs of the College of Arts and Sciences, University College, and the Graduate School can be directed to (856) 225-6097 or

Kris Lindenmeyer

Kriste Lindenmeyer

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences & the Graduate School
(856) 225-6097

The dean is the chief executive officer of FASC, working to develop and implement policies and goals while leading the units in devising strategies for effective teaching, high-quality research, and meaningful service to the state, region, and nation. She directs the appointment and promotion process, as well as numerous programs designed to support faculty and staff.

Dr. Lindenmeyer is a noted scholar in the areas of the history of childhood, American history, public policy, and social entrepreneurship. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati and is a professor of history.

Associate Deans

Howard Marchitello

Howard Marchitello

Senior Associate Dean for FASC Graduate School and Research
Phone: (856) 225-6149

The duties of the associate dean for the Graduate School include managing all matters pertaining to the Graduate School; processing promotion/tenure packets; arranging matters pertaining to external review and reaccreditation of all FASC departments and programs; and developing special programs connected to The Graduate School, as well as overseeing relevant aspects of research centers and institutes.

Dr. Marchitello, earned his Ph.D. at SUNY Buffalo and is a professor of English.

Joe Schiavo

Joseph C. Schiavo

Associate Dean for FASC Undergraduate Programs and University College
Phone: (856) 225-6515

The associate dean for undergraduate education administers the part-time lecturer budget; monitors course enrollment and makes sure that resources are used efficiently; maintains communication with department chairs on various issues; handles student complaints beyond the departmental level; as well as overseeing relevant aspects of research centers and institutes.

Dr. Schiavo, earned his Ph.D. at Rutgers University—New Brunswick and is a professor of music. 


Joseph Martin - Rutgers FACS

Joseph V. Martin

Associate Dean for Science, Mathematics, Technology, and Health Sciences
Phone: (856) 225-6165

The associate dean for science, mathematics, technology, and health sciences leads program growth in these fields and is responsible for continuing to build collaboration with outside partnerships, including work with the Rutgers-Camden-Rowan University joint board.  Dean Martin also maintains communication with department chairs; handles student queries beyond the departmental level; and oversees relevant aspects of research centers and institutes.

Dr. Martin earned his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California and is a professor of biology.

Assistant Deans

Amy Liberi

Amy Liberi

Assistant Dean
Phone: (856) 225-6149 or (856) 225-2765

The assistant dean III is responsible for graduate student development throughout the student lifecycle. This includes planning Graduate Student Orientation, organizing workshops and networking events, coordinating the Graduate Student Advisory Council, working with campus partners to implement professional development opportunities, and supervising the Graduate Student Writing Assistant. In addition, she organizes the Celebration of Graduate Student Research and Creative activities and the Arts and Sciences Annual Faculty Research Fellow Lecture. She is also responsible for verifying graduation eligibility including thesis and dissertation formatting approval and plans the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Graduate School commencement ceremonies.

Julie Roncinske

Assistant Dean
Phone: (856) 225-2953

The assistant dean III leads the FASC Office of Web, New Media, and Design, which provides leadership, coordination, and support to the FASC in online communication via websites and social media, graphic design in print and web, photography, videography, on-campus event advertising, and other online resources. Her main focus is on social media. In addition, the special programs and initiatives coordinator organizes special events such as the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (CURCA), FASC Honors Convocation, FASC New Faculty Orientation, FASC New Faculty Connections. She also coordinates undergraduate research grants; provides administrative support for the FASC Academic Integrity Policy; and maintains the FASC Sakai site.

Business and Accounting Services

Rosa RiveraRosa Rivera

Director of Finance and Administration
Phone: (856) 225-6100

The director of finance and administration for FASC oversees the budget for the entire unit and the smaller centers and units for which it is responsible. She also oversees process for personnel, purchasing and payroll including management of hiring, terminations, reappointments, promotions and merit increase related to multiple bargaining units.  Works closely with grants and contract accounting and faculty for adherence to budget and timely submission of reports to the funding agency. 

Mary Anne SevilleMary Anne Seville

Business Specialist
Phone: (856) 225-6588

The business specialist handles accounting business processed for FASC.



Louise Waters

Principal Accounting Assistant
Phone: (856) 225-6096

The principal accounting assistant reports to the business manager and is responsible for expediting purchase orders, reimbursements, and travel advances; managing expenditures charged to departmental and supplemental accounts as well as to start up funds; responding to queries about payroll; and supporting the work of the dean’s office, especially regarding financial matters.

Web Services

Kate Blair Rutgers Web Designer

Kate Blair

Web Designer
Phone: (856) 225-6951

The web designer is part of the FASC Office of Web, New Media, and Design, which provides leadership, coordination, and support to the FASC in online communication via websites and social media, graphic design in print and web, photography, videography, on-campus event advertising, and other online resources.  The web designer designs and updates the FASC website, including department and individual sites; trains faculty and staff to use tools such as WordPress; and assists with the coordination and development of FASC media and promotional efforts.

Administrative Coordination

Andrea Ohrenich

Administrative Coordinator to the Dean for FASC
Phone: (856) 225-2969

The administrative coordinator to the FASC dean. Maintains and coordinates the dean’s calendar; coordinates faculty and staff employment issues for FASC; provides support services for the dean and dean’s office. Serves as the primary support for appointment and tenure and promotion processes for FASC along with Ms. Bethany Lawton.

Maria BuckleyMaria Buckley

Administrative Coordinator for the Associate Deans for FASC
Phone: (856) 225-6515

The administrative coordinator for the associate deans for FASC prepares contracts for and maintains files regarding PTLs; provides support services for the associate deans and dean’s office; and serves as the contact person between students and the associate deans’ offices

Bethany Lawton

Bethany Lawton

Coordinator of Administrative Services
Phone: (856) 225-6149 or (856) 225-6971

The administrative coordinator for The Graduate School–Camden provides administrative support for the Graduate School–Camden, processes graduate academic approvals/forms, administers graduate student conference travel and grants, assists with distribution of scholarship finding and Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant contracts; assists with graduation eligibility verifications, and manages the graduate catalog and website content updates. This position also serves as support for the tenure and promotion process; as well as research.

Program Coordination

Doreen Wheeler

Program Coordinator
Phone: (856) 225-2597

The program coordinator prepares contracts for and maintains files regarding off-campus PTLs, assistant instructors, and instructors; provides administrative support for FASC scholarships, the FASC Scholarship Committee, media outreach, FASC donor outreach, and alumni relations.

Administrative Staff

Pennie Prete

Administrative Staff (part-time)
Phone: (856) 225-6097

The administrative staff assists the business manager and principle accounting assistant.