Academic Year 2023-24

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§ II. Budget Resources/Procedures
§ III. Development & Fundraising
§ VI. Facilities
  1. Campus Operating Hours
    1. Academic Buildings Open from 7:30/8am – 5:30pm (Swipe access from 5-10pm)
    2. Campus center open during retail hours- swipe access in evening
    3. Rec center remains swipe access when open
    4. All buildings without classrooms remain swipe access with hours designated
  2. Enhanced Classrooms
  3. Events Resources and Guidelines
  4. Facilities Services
  5. Key Requests for offices
  6. Space Management
    1. Room Scheduler:
      1. Third Floor Conference Room
      2. Fourth Floor Conference Room
      3. Faculty Lounge in Armitage Hall
    2. Rutgers Camden Information Technology
    3. Smart Classroom Support
    4. Space Request//Assignments
§ VIII. Hiring and Onboarding
  1. Hiring
    1. Faculty Hiring Request Form [writable PDF]
      Faculty Hiring Request Forms should be sent to Christine Beswick.
    2. Staff Hiring Request Form
      The Dean’s leadership team will review requests regularly.  You will receive an email back approving/denying your request and instructions for next steps.
  2. How to Conduct Searches
    1. Onboarding / Training
    2. HR Manager’s Checklist
    3. Staff onboarding is conducted by HR upon hire.
    4. Faculty onboarding
      1. Conducted after candidate has cleared a background check, complied with the university vaccination requirement, completed the I9 process with HR (if new), and returned a signed contract letter.
    5. TA/GA
  3. Class 5 – Student Employee – see HR page
    1. Each year, the dept. should monitor any employed class 5s for graduation. Class 5 employees who are pending graduation that academic year and continuing to work for the University will need to be on-boarded as a Class 4 (requiring a PAF & Job Description).  Requests to convert Class 5 to Class 4 should be sent to Christine Beswick
§ IX. Instructional Design and Technology and I.T. services
§ X. International Students/Scholars

International student and scholar support are coordinated through the Office of Global Affairs. FASC’s Office of Faculty Affairs is here to assist you with international scholars or faculty needs. Departments should be aware that processing of new international applications and renewals takes time, a quick resource of expected timelines can be found here.  

§ XI. Nominations
§ XII. Routine AY Checklist for Department Chairs
§ XIII. Staff and Administrative Resources