As of July 1, 2008, all academic units at Rutgers University are operating under a university-wide academic integrity policy, which places the process of dealing with allegations of academic integrity violations with individual academic units, a practice that has been in place at Rutgers University–Camden for several years. All decisions, no matter what the level of the alleged violation, are made on our campus. The policy was last updated as of September 1, 2013.

A notable feature of the policy is that faculty members may choose to investigate and sanction non-separable academic integrity violations (those that would not lead to a recommendation for suspension or expulsion), then report the sanction to the unit’s Academic Integrity Facilitator (AIF). Faculty members may also refer alleged violations to the unit AIF for investigation and sanction.  It should be noted that the procedure follows the school of the course, not the school in which the student is enrolled (for example, a School of Business student taking an economics course would be referred to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for investigation, not the School of Business). No matter which option is selected, the faculty member should use the Academic Integrity Initial Reporting Form to report the violation. This is particularly important in case a student has previously been found to have committed an academic integrity violation.

If the case is pending at a time when final grades are due, faculty are to assign the student a “TZ.”  The TZ may be changed once the responsibility and sanction, if applicable, are determined. 

If the faculty member chooses to adjudicate the case him/herself, please follow the step-by-step procedure as set forth below:

If the faculty member chooses to have an Academic Integrity Facilitator (AIF) adjudicate the case, please follow the step-by-step procedure as set forth below:

Below you will find links to several documents that will be helpful to you. Any questions about the policy or procedures can be directed to Jane Siegel, Associate Dean for FASC Undergraduate Programs and University College, and/or Michelle Meloy, Associate Dean for FASC Graduate School and Research, who are the unit’s Academic Integrity Facilitators, or to Michael Palis, Provost, who is our campus point person for academic integrity issues, or to Julie Roncinske, Special Programs and Initiatives Coordinator, who is the unit’s Academic Integrity Coordinator. In addition, please note that there is an appeal process available to students, which is administered on the campus.

Sample letters/emails for faculty members:

Please feel free to contact any of those listed below about issues or questions related to the academic integrity policy.

Chief Academic Integrity Officer for the Camden Campus: Phoebe Haddon; Designate: Michael Palis, Provost
Academic Integrity Facilitators – Arts and Sciences: Jane Siegel (Undergraduate) and Michelle Meloy (Graduate)
Academic Integrity Coordinator – Arts and Sciences: Julie Roncinske