At Rutgers–Camden College of Arts and Sciences, Learning Communities consist of two courses that examine a single theme from different disciplinary perspectives that mutually support student learning. One group of students is enrolled in the two courses, which are taught by different instructors. Periodically, both professors meet with the whole class to reflect on the material they are learning and also to engage in some fun activities. Learning communities also provide students joining Rutgers–Camden for the first time with a way to build a sense of community on campus.

In Fall 2022, the CCAS will be offering the following learning communities, which are open only to first-year students. Courses marked with an asterisk fulfill a general education requirement. Interested students should consult their academic advisor for registration.


Power and Propaganda

Young Adult Literature (course number pending)
Professor Holly Blackford Humes, English and Communication

* Truth and Lies in the Digital World (50:209:110)
Professor Jim Brown, Digital Studies and English and Communication

Japanese Art and Culture: History and Visual Arts

* Japanese Art (50:082:212)
Professor Chinghsin Wu, Visual, Media and Performing Arts

* Samurai Japan (50:516:233)
Professor Nick Kapur, History

Understanding Physical Concepts

Elements of Physics (50:750:131:02)
Professor Cory Trout, Physics

* Calculus I (50:640:121)
Professor Haydee Herrera-Guzman, Mathematics


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