The following guidelines for course cancellations prior to the start of a regular semester are to mitigate miscommunication and timely notification to instructors and payroll, as well as students.

Ideally, courses should have no less than 8 students enrolled in an undergraduate class (may be cross-listed to get to that total) and no less than 5 students for a graduate course. The final decision about low-enrollment courses will be make by the department chair in consultation with the Associate Dean.

For courses canceled solely by the Department Chair:

  1. Off-campus and online courses:
    1. Department Chair sends memo to Registrar’s Office to cancel course, copying:
      Associate Dean
      Doreen Wheeler
      Program director (if applicable)
    2. Department Chair will notify instructor that the course is canceled.
  2. On-campus courses
    1. Department Chair sends memo to Registrar’s Office that course is canceled, copying
      • Associate Dean
      • Maria Buckley
      • Program director (if applicable)
  3. Department Chair notifies instructor that the course is canceled.

Courses with low enrollment canceled by Associate Dean:

  1. Associate Dean contacts Department Chair via email recommending cancellation of low enrollment course.
  2. Department Chair sends confirmation via email to the Associate Dean acknowledging cancellation of the course.
  3. The Associate Dean contacts the Registrar’s Office to cancel the course(s), copying:
  • department chair(s)
  • program director (if applicable)
  • department(s) secretary
  • Doreen Wheeler (off-campus/online contracts) or Andrea Ohrenich (on-campus contracts).
  1. The department chair notifies the instructor that the course has been canceled due to low enrollment.
  2. Doreen Wheeler or Andrea Ohrenich send a memo to Payroll with Associate Dean’s signature to do one of the following:
    1. Reduce PTL salary equal to compensation for the canceled course (if the instructor will teach another course(s) during the semester/session).
    2. Terminate the PTL from payroll if the individual is not teaching another course during the semester/session.

Adding a course late to the Schedule of Classes

  1. On-campus/off-campus/online
    1. Department Chair sends memo to Kelley Anderson and Terri Cristofaro (Registrar’s Office) with all course listing information about the added course copying:
      • Associate Dean
      • Maria Buckley (to generate on-campus contract)
      • Doreen Wheeler (to generate off-campus and online contracts)