2019-2020 Sabbatical Leave Application and Guidelines will be available during the fall 2019 semester. For planning purposes, the 2018-2019 Sabbatical Leave Application and Guidelines and 2018-2019 Competitive Fellowship Leave Program Application and Guidelines are still available to reference.


Faculty Leave Type Application Deadline
2019-2020 Sabbatical Leave Monday, December 3, 2018
2019-2020 Competitive Leave Monday, April 1, 2019


Please note:  Faculty eligible for faculty leaves must also receive approval by their Department Chair and Dean. Typically, approval is based on the teaching needs of the department and overall budget. If you have questions regarding sabbatical or competitive leave, please feel free to contact Ms. Bethany Lawton at bethany.lawton@rutgers.edu, 856-225-6971 or your Department Chair. Also, before submitting your application to the Dean’s Office for final approval and processing, the Department Chair endorsement must be included.

2018-2019 Faculty on Sabbatical Leave

Fall 2018
  • Biology
    • Angelica Gonzalez Gajardo
    • Kwangwon Lee
  • Chemistry
    • David Salas-de la Cruz
  • Fine Arts
    • LiQin Tan
  • Mathematics
    • Howard Jacobowitz
  • Psychology
    • Charlotte Markey
  • Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice
    • Michelle Meloy
Spring 2019
  • Biology
    • William Saidel
    • Daniel Shain
  • Childhood Studies
    • Meredith Bak
  • Computer Science
    • Jean-Camille Birget
  • English
    • Lisa Zeidner
  • Fine Arts
    • Margery Amdur
  • Mathematics
    • Siqi Fu
  • Political Science
    • Wojciech Mackiewicz-Wolfe
  • Psychology
    • Charlotte Markey
    • J. William Whitlow
  • Public Policy & Administration
    • Adam Okulivz-Kozaryn

2017-2018 Faculty on Sabbatical Leave