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            President (1-year term): Robert Emmons

            Vice-President (1-year term, then President): TBD

            Secretary (2-year term, 2023-25): Rafey Habib



Academic Policy and Course Study Committee

Six elected faculty serving 3-year overlapping terms

         Lauren Daniel (term over 2025)

         Elizabeth Pilliod (term over 2025)

         Tracie Paulson (term over 2025)

         James Rushing (term over 2025)

         Alex Roche – chair (term over 2026)

         NEEDED: member from Social Sciences (2023-26)

Admissions and Retention 

Three elected faculty serving 3-year overlapping terms and two students.

         Joan Maya Mazelis (term over 2024)

         James Mobley (term over 2025)

         Ross Allen (term over 2026)

Appointments and Promotions 

 Elected and appointed

Arts & Humanities:

         Holly Blackford Humes (term over 2024)

         Lauren Grodstein (term over 2024)

         Aaron Hostetter (term over 2024)

         John Wall (term over 2024)

         Wendy Woloson (term over 2024)

         Joe Schiavo (NTT, term over 2025)

         Ana Laguna (term over 2026)

Natural Sciences

         Georgia Arbuckle-Keil (term over 2024)

         Howard Jacobowitz (term over 2024)

         Sean O’Malley (term over 2024)

         Sunil Shende (term over 2024)

         Nir Yakoby (term over 2024)

         Kimberlee Moran (NTT, term over 2025)

         NEEDED: at least one more tenured faculty member

Social Sciences:

Charlotte Markey (term over 2024)

Kate Cairns (term over 2025)

Jamie Dunaev (NTT, term over 2025)

Noha Emara (term over 2026)

Laura Napolitano (term over 2026)

Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn (term over 2026)

         NEEDED: at least one more tenured faculty member                   

Committee on Review

         Sean Duffy (term over 2024)

         Jennifer Oberle (term over 2024)

         NEEDED: two faculty members (term over 2025)

Campus Life (combines Faculty Life & Student Life committees)

Four faculty members serving overlapping 3-year terms

         Travis DuBose (term over 2025)

         Kate Cairns (term over 2025)

         Keith Green (term over 2025)

         Chris Lim (term over 2026)

General Education 

3-year overlapping terms

          Susan Mokhberi – chair (term over 2024)

         Randy Mershon (term over 2025)

         Jenn Oberle (term over 2025)

         Andrew Abeyta (term over 2025)

         Jamie Dunaev (term over 2024)

         James Rushing (term over 2026)

Rules of Procedure

3-year term, elected & Appointed

         Selim Cakmakli  (term over 2025)

         Bill FitzGerald (term over 2025)

         Nathan Link (term over 2025)

Scholastic Standing

3-year overlapping terms

         Joe Schiavo (term over 2024)

         Georgia Arbuckle-Keil (term over 2025)

         Laura Napolitano (term over 2025)

         Chris Fitter (term over 2026)

         Kimberlee Moran (term over 2026)

         Kristin August (term over 2026)



Humanities:  Bill FitzGerald (term over 2026)

Natural Sciences: Chris Lim (term over 2024)

Social Sciences: Paul Jargowsky (term over 2025)

Full-time Faculty At-Large: Maureen Donaghy (term over 2026)