We R Rutgers-Camden: Kelvin Jeremiah

Rutgers-Camden can claim many accomplished graduates.  Our students go on to pursue successful careers in all fields.  Kelvin Jeremiah, who earned his master’s degree in history from the Graduate School-Camden in 1997, has continued Rutgers-Camden’s tradition of accomplishment.  In March 2013, Kelvin was named President and Chief Executive Officer of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) … Continue reading We R Rutgers-Camden: Kelvin Jeremiah

We R Rutgers-Camden: Dr. Sara Becker

“I really like the range of students we have at Rutgers-Camden – there are recent high school graduates alongside grandmothers. It adds a great perspective.”

We R Rutgers-Camden: Dr. Kwangwon Lee

In Dr. Lee’s classes, “undergraduate students learn how real research is designed and executed. By the time they leave the lab, they become fellow researchers.”

We R Rutgers-Camden: Jim Rhodes

With Rutgers, “a whole new world opened up for me that would not have been there otherwise. That’s why I am so passionate about helping my university. I am grateful.”