Drs. Grace Brannigan and Joseph Martin’s Research Could Lead to Important Medical Advances

Dr. Grace Brannigan, Assistant Professor of Physics, and Dr. Joseph Martin, Professor of Biology, are studying the GABA(A) receptor, which is a protein fundamental to our understanding of the brain.  Their findings could lead to advances in treatments for neurological disorders and thyroid diseases.  Learn more about their research at NewsNow.      

Biology Professor Studies Glacial Ecosystems

Dr. Andrey Grigoriev, Professor of Biology, is studying Alaska’s Byron Glacier in an attempt to learn more about the structure of the glacial ecosystem.  Dr. Grigoriev is conducting this research with Sulbha Choudhari, a doctoral student in Rutgers-Camden’s computational and integrative biology program. Read the full article at NewsNow.

REU Program Featured in The Inquirer

One of Rutgers-Camden’s most impressive qualities is its dedication to research, both by faculty and students. This summer ten students are on campus as part of the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program, and they’re gaining invaluable experience. Read the full article.

We R Rutgers-Camden: Dr. Kwangwon Lee

In Dr. Lee’s classes, “undergraduate students learn how real research is designed and executed. By the time they leave the lab, they become fellow researchers.”

Dr. Martin Receives Continuation Grant

Dr. Joseph Martin (professor, CFAS-biology and director, Center for Computational and Integrative Biology) is the principal investigator on a $92,299 continuation grant from the National Science Foundation in support of the Q-Step Community of Quantitative Scientists at Rutgers–Camden.

We R Rutgers-Camden: Dr. Nir Yakoby

“My interactions with graduates and undergraduates have provided me with the privilege to see these young students develop as scholars and researchers both in the classroom and laboratory.”