Biology Professor Receives New Grant

Dr. Joseph Martin (professor, CFAS-biology and director, Center for Computational and Integrative Biology) is the principal investigator on a $91,501 grant from the National Science Foundation supporting the Q-STEP Community of Quantitative Scientists program at Rutgers–Camden.

Computer Science Professor Receives New Grant

Dr. Guy Kortsarz (professor, CFAS-computer science) is the principal investigator on a three-year, $333,884 National Science Foundation grant in support of his research project “RUI: Network Design and Facility Location Problems.” 

We R Rutgers-Camden: Dr. Nir Yakoby

“My interactions with graduates and undergraduates have provided me with the privilege to see these young students develop as scholars and researchers both in the classroom and laboratory.”

We R Rutgers-Camden: Dr. Janet Golden

“In my twenty years as a member of the faculty, I’ve benefitted enormously from having intellectually engaged colleagues with whom I share my work, an outstanding library system and campus librarians, and students who have challenged me and enriched my sense of intellectual curiosity.”

Political Science Assistant Professor Publishes Article

Dr. WOJTEK WOLFE (assistant professor, CFAS-political science) recently published an article, “China’s Global Equity Oil Investments: Economic and Geopolitical Influences,” in the Journal of Strategic Studies.  He also co-authored a chapter, “Poland,” in the book Public Opinion and International Intervention: Lessons from the Iraq War.

Chemistry Assistant Professor Authors Article

ALEXANDER SAMOKHVALOV (assistant professor, CFAS-chemistry) authored an invited article, “Desulfurization of Real and Model Liquid Fuels Using Light: Photocatalysis and Photochemistry,” in Catalysis Reviews: Science and Engineering, a highly cited and respected scholarly publication in the field of catalysis. The article explores fundamental science and engineering efforts in the development of emerging technologies of clean … Continue reading Chemistry Assistant Professor Authors Article