The 12th Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish Webinar Series in Applied Linguistics begins on Monday, March 22, with a presentation by Benjamin White of Saint Michael’s College. Dr. White will present, “Embodied Language, Embodied Learning: Incorporating Gesture and Kinesthetics.”

This virtual event begins at 5 p.m. via Zoom. Please contact Dr. Próspero García for additional information. 

See below for an abstract of the presentation:

“From its inception, cognitive linguistics has made a persuasive case that meaning is embodied and that embodiment is reflected throughout language (e.g., Fillmore 1977; Johnson 1987; Lakoff 1987; Langacker 1999; Talmy 1988; Tyler 2012). This webinar explores how, as language instructors, we may draw on these insights to guide our students to a deeper understanding the target language. The presenter shares how he engages students in physical performance through gesture and movement to tackle traditionally challenging areas of English.”