Arielle L’Esperance graduated in 2011 with a major in History and minors in Spanish and European Studies.  She is now enrolled in the MA program in history at the University of Delaware and serves as a teaching assistant for the introductory course in western civilization.  She hopes to continue her studies to earn a Ph.D. and teach history at the university level.

An international studies trip to the Southwest of France proved to be a critical experience for Arielle, as she learned about French history and the dialect spoken in that region.  As Arielle explains, “My experience with this language significantly prepared me for research that I was to do later in the closest related language of Occitan, the Spanish dialect of Catalan.  The culmination of this research in Catalan would eventually become my undergraduate thesis as well the writing sample I would use for my graduate school applications.”

In order to learn more about this year’s international studies trips, plan to attend the International Studies Fair on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, between noon and 2:00 p.m. in the Campus Center lobby.  This year Rutgers-Camden is offering classes with associated trips to England, Guatemala, Israel, Italy, South Africa, France, Brazil, and Southeast Asia.  Course credit is available in Art History, Creative Writing, English, French, History, Music, and Religion.


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  • I strongly encourage students to participate in an international studies course/trip. I went on a trip to Russia and Finland through a Rutgers Camden international studies trip about a decade ago and had an awesome time! Not only did I learn a lot about the (urban planning) history of these countries in the classroom, but I got to experience what I learned about first hand. It left invaluable memories and a gave me a safe and satisfying opportunity to visit these far away countries! Go Rutgers International Studies!!!!

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