Congratulations to the latest recipients of the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Grants:  Jessica Egner (Fine Arts), Cooper Gorelick (Fine Arts), David Luor (Biology), and Monica Moran (Fine Arts).  In addition, Gianna Bowler and Jennifer Kelley have received travel grants that will enable them to present their research at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference in January.

Since the spring of 2005, small grants have supported students in their research or creative activity and in traveling to conferences to present their findings.  Students have presented their work as nearby as Philadelphia and as far as Japan.  To date, 118 grants have been awarded at approximately $500 each.  Of these, seventy-eight have been for research, while forty have been for travel.  More than 100 students have benefitted from these grants, and more than forty faculty members have directed their work.

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