N – S

Nave, Christopher (Dr.)
Department of Psychology

Dr. Christopher Nave
Department of Psychology

Co-author. “Situation construal is related to personality and gender”. Journal of Research in Personality. 2013.

Co-author. “Understanding Same-Sex Male and Female Partners’ Restrained Eating in the Context of their Relationships“. Journal of Health Psychology. 2013.

Okulicz-Kozaryn, Adam (Dr.)
Department of Public Policy and Administration

Dr. Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn
Department of Public Policy and Administration

Co-author. “The Subjective Well-Being Political Paradox: Happy Welfare States and Unhappy Liberals”. Journal of Applied Psychology. 2014.

Piccoli, Benedetto (Dr.)
Department of Mathematics/CCIB

Dr. Benedetto Piccoli
Department of Mathematics/CCIB

Co-author. “Multiscale Modeling of Pedestrian Dynamics“. Springer. 2014.

Rizzo, Mary (Dr.)
Department of History/MARCH

Dr. Mary Rizzo
Department of History/MARCH

Sole author. “More than Fun and Games?: Play, Public Humanities, and Engaged Democracy“. Public: A Journal of Imagining America. 2014.

Rosal, Patrick (Dr.)
Department of English/Creative Writing

Dr. Patrick Rosal
Department of English/Creative Writing

Sole author. “Boneshepherds”. Persea Books. 2011.

Sole author. “Poetry is Hospitable to Strangeness and Surprise“. The New York Times. 2014.

Roseman, Ira (Dr.)
Department of Psychology

Dr. Ira Roseman
Department of Psychology

Sole author. “Appraisal in the emotion system: Coherence in strategies for coping”. Emotion Review. 2013.

Sole author. “Author reply: On the frontiers of appraisal theory”. Emotion Review. 2013.

Saidel, William (Dr.)
Department of Biology

Dr. William Saidel
Department of Biology

Co-author. “Bilateral Efferents from Nucleus Isthmi to the Optic Tectum in Carassius auratus, the goldfish, are restricted to the Binocular Visual Field”. Neuroscience Letters. 2014.

Sole author. “Nucleus Rostrolateralis: An expansion of the epithalamus in some Actinopterygii”. Anatomical Record. 2014.

Samokhvalov, Alexander (Dr.)
Department of Chemistry

Dr. Alexander Samokhvalov
Department of Chemistry

Sole author. “Desulfurization of Real and Model Liquid Fuels Using Light: Photocatalysis and Photochemistry”. Catalysis Reviews: Science and Engineering. 2012.

Scranton, Philip (Dr.)
Department of History

Dr. Philip Scranton
Department of History

Sole author. “Re-imagining Business History”. Johns Hopkins University Press. 2013.

Selighsohn, Andrew
Civic Engagement

Andrew Selighsohn
Civic Engagement

Co-author. “Collaboration may strengthen struggling cities”. Courier Post. 2013.

Co-author. “Chester and Camden have much in common and much to gain by working together”. Delaware County Daily Times. 2013.

Shames, Shauna (Dr.)
Civic Engagement

Dr Shauna Shames
Department of Political Science

Sole author. “Millenials don’t want to run for office”. Washington Post.com. 2015.

Sole author. “Political Science’s Gender Problem”. HIPPO Reads.com. 2015.

Shankman, Andrew (Dr.)
Department of History

Dr. Andrew Shankman
Department of History

Co-author. “Sweeney must stop meddling in Rutgers’ governance”. Star-Ledger. 2014.

Shienbaum, Kim Ezra (Dr.)
Civic Engagement

Dr. Kim Ezra Shienbaum
Department of Political Science

Editor. Can America Maintains its Political, Military, and Economic Preeminence: 16 Key Challenges. Edwin Mellen Press. 2011.

Siegel, Jane (Dr.)
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and CJ

Dr. Jane Siegel
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and CJ

Sole author. “Disrupted Childhoods: Children of Women in Prison”. Rutgers University Press. 2011.

Silver, Lauren (Dr.)
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and CJ

Dr. Lauren Silver
Department of Childhood Studies

Sole author. “System Kids: Adolescent Mothers and the Politics of Regulation“.University of North Carolina Press. 2015.