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Danley, Stephen (Dr.)
Department of Public Policy and Administration (Public Affairs)

Dr. Stephen Danley
Department of Public Policy and Administration (Public Affairs)

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Dighton, John (Dr.)
Department of Biology

Dr. John Dighton
Department of Biology

Sole author. “Interactions in Soil: Promoting Plant Growth“. Springer. 2014.

Donaghy, Maureen (Dr.)
Department of Political Science

Dr. Maureen Donaghy
Department of Political Science

Sole author. Civil Society and Participatory Governance: Municipal Councils and Social Housing Programs in Brazil. Routledge Press2013.

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Dorwart, Jeffrey (Dr.) (Professor Emeritus)
Department of History

Dr. Jeffrey Dowart (Professor Emeritus)
Department of History

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Duffy, Sean (Dr.)
Department of Psychology

Dr. Sean Duffy
Department of Psychology

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Emmons, Robert (Dr.)
Digital Studies Center

Dr. Robert Emmons
Digital Studies Center

Sole filmmaker. “Diagram for Delinquents“. 2014.

Epstein, Katherine (Dr.)
Department of History

Dr. Katherine Epstein
Department of History

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FitzGerald, William (Dr.)
Department of English (TMAC)

Dr. Katherine Epstein
Department of History

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Fortner, Michael (Dr.)
Department of Political Science

Dr. Michael Fortner
Department of Political Science

Sole author. “The Carceral State and the Crucible of Black Politics: An Urban History of the Rockefeller Drug Laws”. Studies in American Political Development. 2013.

Gillette, Howard (Dr.) (Professor Emeritus)
Department of History

Dr. Howard Gillette (Professor Emeritus)
Department of History

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Glasker, Wayne (Dr.)
Department of History

Dr. Wayne Glasker
Department of History

Sole author. “To overcome fear, we must expose and acknowledge it“. Courier-Post. 2014.

Goertzel, Ted (Dr.)
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

Dr. Ted Goertzel
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

Co-editor. The Drama of Brazilian Politics: From Dom João to Marina Silva. Amazon Digital Services. 2014.

Golden, Janet (Dr.)
Department of History

Dr. Janet Golden
Department of History

Co-author. “Modern Medical Science and the Divine Providence of God: Rethinking the Place of Religion in Postwar U.S. Medical History,”. Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences. 2013.

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Grodstein, Lauren
Department of English (Creative Writing)

Lauren Grodstein
Department of English (Creative Writing)

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