Academic Year 2022-2023

Dr. John Griffin, Dean
Dr. Richard Epstein, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Dr. Michelle Meloy, Associate Dean for the Graduate School–Camden
Dr. Jane Siegel, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education


Center Directors

  • Center for the Arts: Cyril Reade
  • Center for Computational and Integrative Biology: Grace Brannigan
  • Center for Digital Studies: James Brown Jr.
  • Center for Urban Research and Education: Paul Jargowsky
  • Community Leadership Center: Gloria Bonilla-Santiago
  • Forensics Center: Kimberlee Moran
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities: Charlene Mires

Department Chairs

  • Biology: Daniel Shain
  • Chemistry: Catherine Grgicak
  • Childhood Studies: Daniel Cook
  • Computer Science: Desmond Lun
  • Economics: I-Ming Chiu
  • English and Communication: Tyler Hoffman
  • Health Sciences, Charlotte Markey
  • History: Wendy Woloson 
  • Mathematical Sciences: Siqi Fu
  • Philosophy and Religion: Nicole Karapanagiotis
  • Physics: Sean O’Malley
  • Political Science: Wojtek Wolfe
  • Psychology: Robrecht van der Well
  • Public Policy and Administration: Patrice Mareschal
  • Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice: Laura Napolitano
  • Visual, Media, and Performing Arts: Kenneth Elliott
  • World Languages and Cultures: Carla Giaudrone

Graduate Directors

  • Biology: Angélica González
  • Chemistry: David Salas-de la Cruz
  • Childhood Studies: Lauren Silver (Dan Cook, Fall 2022)
  • Computational and Integrative Biology: Eric Klein
  • Computer Science: Sunil Shende
  • Creative Writing: Paul Lisicky
  • Criminal Justice: Nathan Link
  • English: Shanyn Fiske
  • Forensic Science: Kimberlee Moran
  • History: Andrew Shankman
  • Liberal Studies: Stuart Charmé
  • Mathematical Sciences: Haydee Herrera
  • Prevention Science: Kristin August
  • Psychology: Ira Roseman
  • Public Affairs: Stephen Danley
  • Public Policy and Administration: Angie McGuire
  • Teacher Education: Sara Becker
  • Teaching Spanish: Silvia Perez-Cortes

Undergraduate Program Directors

  • Africana Studies: Augustine Isamah
  • Computational and Integrative Biology: Grace Brannigan
  • Digital Studies: James Brown Jr.
  • Film and Media Studies: Lisa Zeidner
  • Gender Studies:  Joan Maya Mazelis
  • Global Studies: Carla Giaudrone and Jean-Louis Hippolyte
  • Latin American and Latino Studies: Carla Giaudrone
  • Liberal Studies: Ellen Ledoux
  • Social Work: Sara Beth Plummer
  • Urban Studies: TBD

Undergraduate Program Coordinators

  • Biology: Kwangwon Lee
  • Chemistry: Alex Roche
  • Childhood Studies: Kate Cairns
  • Computer Science: Sunil Shende
  • Economics: Noha Emara
  • English and Communication: Aaron Hostetter/Ashley Gimbal
  • Health Sciences: Jamie Dunaev
  • History: Kate Epstein
  • Mathematical Sciences: Sara Leshen
  • Philosophy and Religion: Margaret Betz
  • Physics: Sean O’Malley
  • Political Science: Michael Boyle
  • Psychology: Courtenay Cavanaugh
  • Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice: Richard Stansfield
  • Teacher Education Program: Ann Heidelberg
  • Visual, Media, and Performing Arts: Joseph Schiavo
  • World Languages and Cultures: Judith Downing