We R Rutgers-Camden: Dr. Janet Golden

“In my twenty years as a member of the faculty, I’ve benefitted enormously from having intellectually engaged colleagues with whom I share my work, an outstanding library system and campus librarians, and students who have challenged me and enriched my sense of intellectual curiosity.”

Political Science Assistant Professor Publishes Article

Dr. WOJTEK WOLFE (assistant professor, CFAS-political science) recently published an article, “China’s Global Equity Oil Investments: Economic and Geopolitical Influences,” in the Journal of Strategic Studies.  He also co-authored a chapter, “Poland,” in the book Public Opinion and International Intervention: Lessons from the Iraq War.

Chemistry Assistant Professor Authors Article

ALEXANDER SAMOKHVALOV (assistant professor, CFAS-chemistry) authored an invited article, “Desulfurization of Real and Model Liquid Fuels Using Light: Photocatalysis and Photochemistry,” in Catalysis Reviews: Science and Engineering, a highly cited and respected scholarly publication in the field of catalysis. The article explores fundamental science and engineering efforts in the development of emerging technologies of clean … Continue reading Chemistry Assistant Professor Authors Article

Biology Assistant Professor Receives Prestigious CAREER Award

Dr. Nir Yakoby (assistant professor, CFAS-biology) has received a prestigious CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation.  The five-year award, which is reviewed and renewed annually based on the scientific progress of the project, is $686,544 and supports the project “Dynamics and Diversity of Bone Morphogenetic Protein Signaling in Epithelial Cells.” The grant will allow … Continue reading Biology Assistant Professor Receives Prestigious CAREER Award

Professor Publishes Article

Dr. ALAN TARR (professor II, CFAS-political science and director, Center for State Constitutional Studies) authored an article, “Contesting the Judicial Powers in the States,” in the spring 2012 edition of the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy.

Professor Displays Artwork at Solo Exhibition

Prof. LIQIN TAN (associate professor, CFAS-art) is displaying his artwork during a solo exhibition, “Primitive-Level Signals; Animation Installation with Digital Metal Prints,” at the Dalet Art Gallery in Philadelphia through June 23.  In the exhibit, the Rutgers–Camden professor uses spirit levels as a signal to describe a natural phenomenon in humans, where human brain development … Continue reading Professor Displays Artwork at Solo Exhibition

Quick News

Dr. CAROL SINGLEY (professor, CFAS-English) served as a judge for the Walt Whitman Association’s High School Poetry Contest for students from across the Delaware Valley.

Professor Presents Paper

Dr. WILLIAM FITZGERALD (assistant professor, CFAS-English) presented a paper, “Texting God: Delivering Prayer in the Digital Age,” at the biannual meeting of the Rhetoric Society of America in Philadelphia during the week of May 21.  His operetta, “A New Age,” was performed at the Sandy Spring Friends School in Maryland during May 17-19.