The MFA Org’s Local & Visiting Writers Series welcomes Sam Heaps, who will present the workshop “Chemical Bonding.” Contradiction is inherently infuriating and arousing. In this workshop we will harness the power of difference through the careful organization of oddities to propulse story, compel readers, and add meaning and a shared purpose to every distinct element of a narrative. We will look at uniting —

  1. Philosophy and Praxis (why)
  2. The Mundane and the Intimate (what)
  3. People and Environment (who and where)
  4. The Beginning and the End (how)

We will also spend time building a container for our own strangest connections.

Sam Heaps is a writer and labor organizer living in Philadelphia where they teach at the University of the Arts. Their debut essay collection PROXIMITY was published earlier this year. 

In-person at the Writers House, first floor. Swipe your RUID at the rear door for entry.

Date & Time
September 26, 2023
12:45 pm-1:45 pm

Writers House
first floor
305 Cooper St.
Camden, NJ

Lauren Holguin