Sometimes it’s a song like DJ Khaled’s star-studded “I’m The One” that gets considered as the “song of the summer,” like it did in 2017. Or going as far back to 1873 when Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss designed the very first pair of jeans that are still worn by millions to this day. Both of these thoughts started out like any other original idea: they began from a moment of spontaneous inspiration. These instances that are always described as an “a-ha” moment are the topic of a new podcast that’s being produced at Rutgers–Camden by Dr. David Salas-de la Cruz, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, along with assistance from Sam Paulson, an undergraduate student majoring in music and digital studies. The project is entitled “The Eureka Effect” and is now available to stream on Soundcloud

Dr. Salas-de la Cruz will be sitting down with students to discuss their moments of clarity and the processes they’ve undergone to turn these thoughts into fully developed ideas. He’s looking at how these scholars felt at the moment of understanding a previously incomprehensible concept, problem or idea.  

Since Rutgers–Camden is a research-focused campus, Dr. Salas-de la Cruz hopes that he’ll be able to share numerous stories from this campus’ students. In the introductory episode, Dr. Salas-de la Cruz himself recounts the moment in which he first thought of the idea for this project: while in the shower. Just as this moment occurred for him he hopes that listening to this body of work will inspire others as well and continue to foster the development of enlightenment that this institution promotes.

Written by Asia Kittles