Jennie A. OwensTo me, Rutgers-Camden has meant the opportunity to obtain a world-class education, right here at home in South Jersey. Neither my family nor I had the financial means to go away to college, but with Rutgers-Camden and the Honors College, I had the opportunity to receive a GREAT education; the kind of education I received would not have been available to me at any other institution in the southern part of this state.

The Rutgers-Camden Honors College provided me with the tools necessary to be successful in my future endeavors, including attendance at law school and in my practice as a divorce lawyer. The Rutgers name helped me to obtain internships and other employment opportunities.

I also had the opportunity to conduct research and work one-on-one with a tenured professor in the completion of an honors thesis on the issue of a groundbreaking method of Alternative Dispute Resolution that was being used in other countries to assist families in the care of their children. This opportunity was available to me because of the world-class research institution that is Rutgers.

I feel so strongly about the quality of education that I received at Rutgers-Camden that my husband and I donate to the Honors College to ensure that future South Jerseyans receive the same quality of education that I did. My family bleeds scarlet, and I sincerely hope that my son has the opportunity to be a member of the Rutgers-Camden graduating class of 2032, following in the footsteps of both of his parents, grandmother, and uncle. Students in South Jersey deserve the choice and the opportunity to receive the same world class education that I received at Rutgers University-Camden.

About Jennie A. Owens

Hometown: Gloucester Township, NJ

Major: Political Science

Minor: Psychology

Graduation Dates: CCAS (Honors College) 2003; CLAW 2006

Ms. Owens is currently a board member of the Rutgers University-Camden Campus Alumni Association. While student at CCAS, Ms. Owens was the president of the Honors Student Organization and received the Jack Marvin Weiner Award for Excellence in Political Science. She graduated cum laude from CLAW.