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We R Rutgers-Camden: Marissa Ionno

Marissa Ionno

“I am proud to be a Rutgers-Camden student, fortunate to be applying what I’ve learned at Rutgers-Camden to my interests outside of school, and thankful knowing that I’ll be graduating with such an honorable degree.”

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We R Rutgers-Camden: Melissa McHugh

Posted at 10:36 am February 20, 2012, in We R Arts and Sciences Student Spotlight

Melissa McHughRutgers-Camden is more than a collection of buildings and a degree to me. By the time I graduate next spring, I will have traveled to Paris, London, and the south of France; learned to speak French and German, studied with a MacArthur Fellow, and been published in an academic journal.

The Rutgers faculty has always pushed me beyond the limits of what I thought I could achieve in my studies, believing that I was capable of more. At Rutgers-Camden, there is always something new to learn, another wonderful faculty member to meet, but never enough time to do it all. I chose to extend my time here an extra year in order to finish a second bachelor’s degree in French, and it gave me an opportunity to learn even more from the faculty in the foreign language and history departments who have made me a better student as well as an aspiring historian.

I want to graduate as a Rutgers student and I want to be a Rutgers alumni. I want to drive down Cooper Street in five or ten years and see Rutgers’ flags flying high, proudly continuing to serve the students of South Jersey.

About Melissa McHugh

Hometown: Gloucester City, NJ

Majors: History/French

Minors: German/European Studies

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

Ms. McHugh is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honor Society.

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