1. Schedule a Meeting with the Dean (and Associate Graduate Dean) to discuss your ideas and see whether they are feasible.  Please provide a two page summary of your proposal for the discussion.  Discuss the program with interested faculty to see who would be interested in participating in the program.  What new resources would you need to make this program a success?  Please fill out this form before meeting with the appropriate deans.
  2. Program is presented to Graduate Chairs for Approval
  3. Program is Presented to the Dean for Approval
  4. Program is Presented to Chancellor for Approval  (and/or new campus committee representing all schools)
  5. Goes to Jim Burkley’s Office (Office of Institutional Research).  This office will suggest an external consultant to review the program.
  6. Complete Program Announcement which goes to all New Jersey Colleges (via Burkley’s Office)
  7. Goes to Academic Policy Committee of New Jersey Council of Presidents
  8. Goes to Board of Governors for Approval (The program cannot be advertised externally until the BOG approves.

For certificate programsconsult the following rules.