FASC New Faculty Resources:



James Boucher

Title/Rank: Assistant Professor
Department: Foreign Languages – French
Email: TBA 

In May 2016, Dr. James Boucher earned his Ph.D. in French from the University of Iowa, where he wrote his dissertation, “Representations of the Amerindian in French Literature and the Postimperialist Literature of Quebec.” His research interests include French literature from the 16th – 21st centuries, literatures of immigration in France, postcolonial theories, ecocritical theories, Quebecois literature, and Francophone literatures of Africa and the Caribbean. Dr. Boucher mostly recently taught elementary French at the Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona.



Eric Chwang

Title/Rank: Henry Rutgers Term Chair in Health, Ethics, and Society and Assistant Professor
Department: Philosophy and Religion
Email: eric.chwang@rutgers.edu

Dr. Eric Chwang joins the Rutgers-Camden faculty from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he was an assistant professor of philosophy, specializing in the areas of normative ethics and bioethics. The inaugural Henry Rutgers Term Chair in Health, Ethics, and Society, Dr. Chwang earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton University in 2003 and his M.D. from Baylor College of Medicine in 2005.


Lauren Daniel

Lauren Daniel

Title/Rank: Assistant Professor
Department: Psychology – Health Sciences
Email: lauren.daniel@rutgers.edu

Dr. Lauren Daniel joins the Rutgers–Camden faculty from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she served a clinical psychologist in the Division of Oncology.  A graduate of Drexel University, Dr. Daniel earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology/health psychology in 2011.  Dr. Daniel’s program of research examines the influence of sleep on health and quality of life outcomes in children and adolescents with cancer and other chronic health conditions.” 


Jamie Dunaev

Title/Rank:  Assistant Teaching Professor
Department: Psychology – Health Sciences 
Email: jamie.dunaev@rutgers.edu 

A 2016 graduate from the doctoral childhood studies program at Rutgers–Camden, Dr. Jamie Duneav wrote her dissertation on the topic, “The use of counterconditioning to reduce weight bias among late adolescents.” A recipient of the David K. Sengstack Graduate Fellowship, Dr. Dunaev’s research interests include bias, stigma, and prejudice; adolescent health; health disparities and social inequality; and health communication.



Robert Emmons

Title/Rank: Assistant Teaching Professor
Department: Fine Arts; Digital Studies Center
Email: raemmons@camden.rutgers.edu 

An alumnus of the Graduate School–Camden, former associate director of the Honors College, and current associate director for the Digital Studies Center, Dr. Robert Emmons will join the Department of Fine Arts as a non-tenure-track assistant professor, teaching courses related to film and that are part of the digital studies certificate program. Dr. Emmons is also a documentary filmmaker, focusing on lost, obscure, or overlooked stories of American popular culture and history. He has produced four features and over sixty documentary shorts and installations which have screened through the United States and abroad.


Kurt Fowler

Kurt Fowler

Title/Rank: Assistant Teaching Professor 
Department: Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice
Email: kurt.fowler@rutgers.edu

A student in the criminal justice doctoral program at Rutgers University, Mr. Kurt Fowler will join the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice as a non-tenure-track assistant professor.  Mr. Fowler is a lecturer for the STEP prison education program, where he teaches courses such as Introduction to Criminology and Ethical and Philosophical Foundations of Criminology.  Mr. Fowler recently published “Stop, Question, and Complain: Citizen Grievances Against the NYPD and the Opacity of Police Stops Across New York City Precincts, 2007-2013,” in the Journal of Urban Health.


Wenhua Lu

Title/Rank: Assistant Professor 
Department: Childhood Studies
Email: w.lu@rutgers.edu

In 2014, Dr. Wenhua Lu earned her Ph.D. in health education from Texas A&M University, where she wrote her dissertation, “Examining the Influence of Psychological Characteristics on Children’s Active Commuting to School Using Theoretical Perspectives.”  Dr. Lu’s research interests include child health disparities, childhood obesity, adolescent mental health care disparities, health behavior, and Asian American child health.  She joins the Department of Childhood Studies from the Silver School of Social Work at New York University, where she was an assistant professor/faculty fellow. 



Emily Marker*

Title/Rank: Assistant Professor
Department: History
Email: TBA
*Will join the faculty in January 2017

Dr. Emily Marker received her Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago, where she wrote her dissertation, “France Between Europe and Africa: Youth, Race, and Envisioning the Postwar World, 1940-1960.” She has conducted research in France, Senegal, Italy and Belgium, with support from the Social Science Research Council and the Georges Lurcy Charitable Trust. Her first article, “Obscuring Race: Franco-African Conversations About Colonial Reform and Racism After World War II and the Making of Colorblind France, 1945-1950,” was published in French Politics, Culture & Society in 2015. Dr. Marker’s research interests include imperial and postcolonial Europe, France and the francophone Afro-Atlantic world, histories of race and religion, Europe-African relations, global and transnational history, and the European Union.


Kristen Nussbaumer

Kirsten Nussbaumer

Title/Rank: Assistant Professor
Department: Political Science
Email: TBA

Kirsten Nussbaumer, who earned a joint degree in political science and law at Stanford University, joins the Department of Political Science as an assistant professor specializing in political theory and public law.  Assistant Professor Nussbaumer’s research interests include election law, constitutional theory/design, constitutional development, and the judicial process, among others.


Gregory Pardlo

Title/Rank: Assistant Professor
Department: English – Creative Writing
Email: TBA

A Pulitzer Prize in Poetry recipient for his collection Digest, Mr. Gregory Pardlo will join the Department of English and Graduate Creative Writing Program faculty as an assistant professor.  A Rutgers–Camden alumnus, earning his bachelor’s degree in English in 1999, Mr. Pardlo also has an M.F.A. in poetry from New York University, and an M.F.A. in nonfiction from Columbia University.



Silvia Perez-Cortes

Title/Rank: Assistant Professor
Department: Foreign Languages – Spanish
Email: silvia.perezcortes@rutgers.edu 

In May 2016, Dr. Perez-Cortes earned her Ph.D. in bilingualism and second language acquisition from Rutgers University–New Brunswick, where she wrote her dissertation, “Mood selection in obligatory and variable contexts: Spanish HS and L2 learners’ objectives acquisition of desideratives and directives.”  Already familiar with Rutgers, Dr. Perez-Cortes served as a visiting instructor for Rutgers–Camden since September 2015.



Harry Rhea

Title/Rank: Assistant Teaching Professor
Department: Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice – Criminal Justice
Email: harry.rhea@rutgers.edu

Dr. Harry Rhea joins us from Florida International University, where he was an assistant professor in the fields of criminal justice and law, and the associate director of the doctoral program in international criminal justice.  Dr. Rhea helped develop the first Ph.D. program in international crime in the United States at FIU.  He is a trained war crimes investigator and has received numerous teaching and research awards.  A Rutgers University alumnus, Dr. Rhea earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Rutgers in 2002; in 2012, he earned his Ph.D. in international criminal justice from the National University of Ireland, where he wrote the dissertation, “The United States and International Criminal Tribunals.” 



Brian Russell

Title/Rank: Assistant Teaching Professor
Department: Computer Science
Email: b.russell@rutgers.edu  

A Rutgers University alumnus, Dr. Brian Russell earned his Ph.D. in computer science from Rutgers–New Brunswick, where he wrote the dissertation, “Learning-Based Route Management in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.”  Recently a software development fellow at the Symbolic IO Corporation, Dr. Russell is well-versed in Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Artificial Languages, and Software Engineering.

Zachary Wood

Title/Rank: Assistant Teaching Professor; Program Director for Urban Studies
Department: Urban Studies; Public Policy and Administration
Email: zachary.wood@rutgers.edu

A doctoral candidate in Rutgers–Camden’s public affairs program, Zachary Wood’s research interests include issues of urban poverty and social change through civic engagement and political advocacy. Much of his recent research revolves around exploring the role of non-profits as advocates for social change, and how the traditional non-profit service delivery model has often produced system-conforming behavior as opposed to system-transformation behavior, with significant and potentially problematic effects for their constituents. Mr. Wood has recently published several projects, including an exploration of alternative education models in urban school districts and a study of the use and management of spontaneous volunteers during disaster response and recovery.  Mr. Wood is the founder and CEO of Groundwork Partners, an organization which aims to affect change in communities through strategic partnership. 



Chinghsin Wu

Title/Rank: Assistant Professor; Non-tenure-track
Department: Fine Arts
Email: chinghsin.wu@rutgers.edu

In 2010, Dr. Chinghsin Wu earned her Ph.D. in art history from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she wrote her dissertation, “Japan Encounters the Avant-Garde: The Art and Thought of Koga Harue, 1895-1933.”  A scholar of Japanese and Chinese art, Dr. Wu has served as a visiting lecturer at many universities, including Brown, Tufts, and Brandeis.