The Faculty of Arts and Sciences–Camden would like to extend an invitation for you to participate in the 2019 commencement ceremonies, which will be held at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22, at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden. 

Please read the details below and fill out the form at the end of this page to register as a participant.



Commencement Schedules and Details:

2 p.m. Graduate School–Camden and 6:00 p.m. Camden College of Arts and Sciences/University College commencements: All participating faculty will process in to the auditorium and will sit on the platform.  You are also invited to attend the faculty dinner.  In order to plan appropriately we need to know if you plan to attend. 


Graduate School–Camden Ceremony

12:45 pm Faculty Shuttle from campus to BB&T Pavilion (more information to follow)
1:00 pm Faculty Arrive at BB&T and Line up for Processional
2:00 pm Ceremony Begins
3:15 pm Ceremony Ends
3:15 pm Faculty Shuttle back to campus

Faculty Dinner

3:30 pm Dinner Begins
5:00 ppm Dinner Ends

Camden College of Arts and Sciences/University College–Camden Ceremony 

4:00 pm All Faculty Marshals Depart Dinner for BB&T on Shuttle
5:00 pm Dinner Ends; Faculty Depart for BB&T on Shuttle
5:20 pm Faculty Arrive at BB&T and line-up backstage
6:00 pm Ceremony Begins (Faculty Process from backstage this year)
8:15 pm Ceremony Ends (Approximate end time) Faculty are expected to remain for the entire ceremony.
8:15/8:30 pm Faculty Shuttle back to campus

Marshal Volunteers

Our commencement is an important event for our campus and it would be an honor to have our faculty members volunteer to be a marshal at the ceremony.  Being a marshal will give you the opportunity to share in the great achievement of the graduating students.  The job of the marshal is to lead each line of graduating students into the auditorium, and then onto the stage where their name will be read and they will receive their diploma.

If you are interested in being a marshal, please fill out the form above and choose which event you would like to marshal. Leave the marshal option blank if you do not want to be a marshal. Faculty who are not marshals will march in the faculty procession. 

There will be a mandatory meeting for marshals: date, time, and location TBD.

Academic Regalia

If you need to order regalia, it can be ordered through the University District Bookstore.  The full cost of the regalia, including the cap, gown, hood, and tassel, will be paid for by the Office of the Dean.  You must place your order with the bookstore by April 26.  A late fee, for which you will be responsible, will be imposed if the bookstore must pay expedited shipping due to late order.

To order regalia for the first time, please send an email to the bookstore manager ( with the following information:

Full Name

School (Faculty of Arts and Sciences)

Full Title of Degree

College/University where degree was earned

Height (with shoes)


Cap Size (if known)

If you have attended commencement in the past five years and are re-ordering from last year, you can simply email the bookstore with your name and the name of your school (Faculty of Arts and Sciences) and they will reorder your regalia with the information they have on file. 

Questions or concerns regarding regalia can be directed to the University District Bookstore at either or 856-968-1200. 

You will be notified when your regalia is available for pick-up.  Returns are to be dropped off immediately following the ceremony in the Ben Franklin Lobby of the BT&T Pavilion.  

Please direct any questions about this event to either Amy Liberi ( or Julie Roncinske (


Register to Participate

Registration is now closed. Please email Amy Liberi ( or Julie Roncinske ( if you have not signed up but would like to attend. Note in your email which events you will be attending.