The Camden College of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) is the largest unit on this campus and is responsible for the education of many of our undergraduates. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences enjoy the advantages of a personalized liberal arts education as well as the benefits of studying at a campus of a research university, particularly the opportunity to work closely with our distinguished faculty. Our small size enables the faculty to give our students special attention in a comfortable intellectual setting, where they receive excellent preparation for graduate education, professional school, and the workplace.

Students have a broad choice of majors and programs in the humanities, the arts, the social sciences, and the natural and physical sciences, including those in traditional liberal arts fields as well as more professionally-oriented courses of study. We provide opportunities for students to engage in original research with a faculty mentor. CCAS students also can be part of a highly selective Honors College, which offers a challenging academic program that includes seminars, junior and senior year projects, and extracurricular activities.

The Camden College of Arts and Sciences offers a number of scholarships for highly accomplished first-year students and transfer students.  Learn more about the scholarship opportunities available.

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