The Department of Mathematical Sciences will host Professor Mei-Chi Shaw from the University of Notre Dame, for its math seminar series. Professor Shaw will present, “The Cauchy-Riemann Equations on Hartogs Triangles.” The free seminar will take place on Friday, April 28, at 11 a.m. in BSB 132. A virtual option is also available: Email with questions. 


The Hartogs triangle in the complex Euclidean space is an important example in several complex variables. It is a bounded pseudoconvex domain with non-Lipschitz boundary. In this talk, we discuss the extendability of Sobolev spaces on the Hartogs triangle and show that the weak and strong maximal extensions of the Cauchy-Riemann operator agree (joint work with A. Burchard, J. Flynn and G. Lu). These results are related to the Dolbeault cohomology groups with Sobolev coefficients on the complement of the Hartogs triangle. We will also discuss some recent progress for the Cauchy-Riemann equations on Hartogs triangles in the complex projective space (joint work with C. Laurent- Thiébaut).

This seminar is held at Rutgers-Camden, as part of a joint seminar with the Complex Analysis and Geometry seminar at Rutgers-New Brunswick.