The Office of the Chancellor sponsored a host of faculty awards this academic year as part of their “15 in 5” Strategic Initiatives. We are so proud of our faculty!

Chancellor’s Grant for Assistant Professor Research Development

Michelle Carlin
Department of Chemistry
Co-PI: Alberto Salomone
University of Turin Department of Chemistry
Title of Project: “A longitudinal study investigating cannabinoids and metabolites in biological samples of olypidiol (CBD) and cannabis consumers”
Hunter King
Department of Physics
Co-PI: Kwangwon Lee
Department of Biology
Title of Project: “Circadian rhythm of a natural atmospheric water generator”
Emily Marker
Department of History
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Title of Project: “Russian translation of Black France, White Europe: Youth, Race, and Belonging in the Postwar Era” 

Xingyun Qi
Department of Biology
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Title of Project: “Functional characterization of a receptor protein in stomatal development and ABA signaling”
Maria De La Encarnacion Solesio Torregrosa

Department of Biology
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Title of Project: “Role of mitochondrial inorganic polyphosphate (olyp) on cellular bioenergetics”
Sarah Tosh
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Title of Project: “’Crimmigration’ advisal in public defense offices: a comparative study of immigrant-receiving cities in the US”

Chancellor’s Grant for Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Vice Chancellor’s Fund for Research

Kristin August Bauer
Department of Psychology & Department of Health Sciences
Co-PI: Eveling Hondros, Department of World Languages & Cultures, Co-PI: Kathleen Jackson 
Department of Nursing, Co-PI: Ana Laguna, Department of World Languages & Cultures
Title of Project: “Translation and cultural adaptation of a diabetes family coaching intervention for Spanish-speaking Hispanic/LatinX populations”

E. Duffy
Department of Psychology
Co-PI: John Smith
Department of Economics 
Co-PI: Robrecht van der Wel 
Department of Psychology
Co-PI: Cederic Bouquet
University of Poitiers Department of Psychology & Cognitive Science
Title of Project: “Understanding how incentives, cognitive capacity, and group dynamics affect human imitation behaviors”

Ira Roseman
Department of Psychology  
Co-PI’s: David Redlawsk, University of Delaware Department of Political Science, Co-PI: Agneta Fischer 
University of Amsterdam Department of Psychology, Co-PI: Kyle Mattes, Florida International University Department of Politics & International Relations
Project Title: “Testing a theory of political beliefs and emotions affecting anti-immigrant prejudice and voting”

Jinglin Fu
Department of Chemistry  
Co-PI: Rachel Riley 
Rowan University 
Project Title: “Development of Lipid Nanoparticles to Co-Deliver Therapeutic Nucleic Acids and Small-Molecule Drugs towards the Treatment of Cancer”

Chancellor’s Grant for Part-Time Lecturers 

Soyeon Bin
Department of Visual, Media, and Performing Arts
Attendance at the National American Directors Association Conference

Doah Lee
Department of Visual, Media, and Performing Arts
Project Title:  100 Days of Alphabets

Sudha Moorthy
Department of Biology 
Application to attend the ASM Microbe 2023 conference and present Chasing Zebras: a powerful tool in microbiology education and diversity initiatives

Julia Zavadsky
Department of Visual, Media, and Performing Arts
Presenting a workshop at National American Choral Director’s conference

Chancellor’s Grants for Pedagogical Innovation 

Nathan Fried
Department of Biology
Co-PI: Kwangwon Lee 
Department of Biology
Proposed Course Title: “Entering Research: A professional development course designed to help students successfully navigate research experience at Rutgers—Camden”

Jillian Sayre
Department of English and Communication
Proposed Course Title: “Introduction to the Book:  A Critical Making Lab for the Humanities”