Build knowledge, skills, and networks for political, government, and community engagement. Apply now for the Eagleton Undergraduate Associates program

The Eagleton Undergraduate Associates Program is a selective three-semester interdisciplinary certificate for juniors from ALL Rutgers schools and campus locations. Associates learn about political power and decision-making while honing their leadership and professional skills through a series of three unique courses (one each semester) and a summer or fall internship in American Politics, government, policy, or advocacy. Be part of a university-wide cohort, join professional networks and learn from the experts. 

Application and recommendation deadline is October 24th at 5:00 pm.  

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Questions? Email Sarah Kozak at

News and Dates: 

  • Eagleton has a new podcast, This Moment in Democracy, recent episodes on the Supreme Court, 9/11 reflections, and Gen Z voting. 
  • October 5Eagleton Political Journal student article proposals deadline. Also looking for student staff to get involved, submit interest form here Class papers, personal work, academic research, and policy-related essays from all disciplines can be submitted. 
  • October 18 – New Jersey voter registration deadline. Find out more at RU Voting