Cooper Street began as a workshop series for our neighbors in the Camden, South Jersey, and Philadelphia communities. In the current climate, they are for everyone, near and far to our historic home on Cooper Street, though we encourage proposals that have local interest. Currently, workshops run on a one-time basis, lasting anywhere from 3-5 hours. In Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, all workshops have been virtual. In Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, we are currently programming a mixture of in-person, hybrid, and virtual workshops. In Fall 2022, we plan to continue this hybrid programming, responding accordingly as pandemic conditions evolve. 

What are we looking for in a workshop proposal?

The most successful workshops have a clear topic or focus, provide beginning or intermediate writers with tools to improve their writing, introduce additional resources that participants can pursue on their own, and allow participants to walk away with something they’ve created or begun to create. Great workshops meet participants where they are, appealing to and engaging with writers at all experience levels. We rely on instructors to help publicize their workshops, so strong connections to a community are a plus. 

To apply, please fill out the form by June 15, 2022.  Apply now.