On Friday, April 27th, all are invited to attend the Ethics of Enhancement Workshop.  Sponsored by the Henry Rutgers Term Chair in Ethics, Health, and Society, this event will feature S. Matthew Liao, Arthur Zitrin Chair of Bioethics, Director of the Center for Bioethics, and Affiliated Professor in the Department of Philosophy at New York University, as the keynote speaker.  Dr. Liao will discuss “The Moral Status and Rights of Artificial Intelligence.”

Topics to be discussed include “Neuroenhancement: Rethinking Human Values;” “The Ethics and Ecology of Genetic Interventions to Prevent Wild Animal Suffering;” “Human Enhancement? A Disability-Rights Perspective” and “Enhanced Warfighters.”

The free event begins at 10 a.m. in the Law School, Room E110.  Questions should be directed to Dr. Eric Chwang