Over the course of the Spring 2018 semester Kimberlee Moran, Associate Teaching Professor of Forensics, and Dr. John Wall, Professor of Religion, have been co-teaching a course on ethics, called “Debating Ethical Issues Across Disciplines.” The course trains students in ethical reasoning and argumentation through the study of ethics as a discipline, and through the upcoming Ethics Bowl.

This is a three-day event which will see the students publicly debate various ethical arguments which they have constructed upon various topics, ranging from medical to everyday.

On Tuesday, April 10th, four preliminary rounds will winnow the student competitors down for the semi-finals which will take place on Wednesday, April 11. In defiance of superstition, the final round will take place on Friday. April 13th, and the winning team will receive a trophy to be displayed in the Campus Center, and a $100 Amazon gift card for each team member.

The Ethics Bowl is an open event, and all are welcome to attend.  The preliminary rounds on Tuesday will take place in Armitage 106, 108, 109, and 113; the semi-finals on Wednesday will be in the Campus Center South B and C; and the final round will be in the Raptor Roost in the Campus Center. The events of all three days will take place during the free period, and free food will be provided!

Written by Victoria Wroblewski