Dr. James Davis, a 2010 graduate of the Camden College of Arts and Sciences and a Senior Data Scientist at Uber, will present the next Math Lecture, on Friday, February 12th.  He will discuss “Pricing Uber’s Marketplace.”  This free lecture is open to all.  The event begins at 11:20 a.m. in Penn 401, on the side of the Paul Robeson Library.  

Dr. James Davis obtained his BA in Mathematics from Rutgers–Camden in 2010 and Ph.D. in Operations Research from Cornell University in 2015. He was an assistant professor of engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign before joining Uber, where he is currently a senior data scientist, taking a lead role in designing Uber’s pricing system.

The abstract is as follows:

“Dynamic pricing at Uber is a key part of what makes the services so reliable. We will see how dynamic pricing works in an up-close way. First, we will walk through pricing during a typical day in Philadelphia, Then, after we explain the key concepts behind dynamic pricing, we will show these concepts in action after the Eagles Superbowl win. We will show just how the Uber market evolved and how pricing responded. If there is enough time we will discuss some big upcoming challenges for Uber’s pricing system.”

Immediately following the lecture, join us for a panel discussion by math alumni: Dr. Stephen Alessandrini, Mr. Nicholas Sanchirico, Mr. Max Steel, and Ms. Nicole Stouffer. 

There will be a reception luncheon at 2 p.m. in the Campus Center’s Private Dining Room.