Zaire Z. Dinzey-Flores, Associate Professor of Sociology and Latino and Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University, will present “The Price of Race in New Brooklyn’s Real Estate,” on Thursday, January 25th, the first installment of the Center for Urban Research and Education’s (CURE) Spring 2018 Seminar Series.  

This free event is open to all.  The event begins at 12:30 p.m. in Armitage Hall’s Faculty Lounge.  Lunch will be served.

The abstract of the talk is as follows:

“’Location, location, location…’ so goes the trope for how real estate properties derive their value. But how does race figure in the attribution of value for a property and a neighborhood? Based on ethnographic and mixed-method research in two demographically-transitioning neighborhoods in 21st Century Brooklyn, Dinzey-Flores considers how neighborhood spaces and property interiors are aesthetically, discursively, and materially produced and crafted by real estate actors in ways that render previously socially de-valued neighborhoods “valuable” and “worthy” of investment. Of particular focus, is the way in which racial conceptualizations—of “blackness,” “Latino-ness”, or “whiteness”—are codified and “built in” in the social desirability and economic valuation process of properties and neighborhoods.”