Undergraduate students in the Department of Biology will showcase their research at Biology Day, scheduled for Friday, December 8th.  Students’ posters will be displayed in the Campus Center’s West ABC Conference Room from 11:20 a.m. – 2 p.m., and students will give rapid-fire presentations beginning at 11:20 a.m.  No registration is required to attend this event.  All are welcome to come learn about the exciting work our undergraduates have been doing over the course of the semester! 

Presenters and their presentation titles are as follows:

  • Ajit Abishek, “A Comparative Analysis of Feeding Preferences for Camden’s Urban Ants across City Parks and Medians”
  • Alexis Brickner, “Global Latitudinal Patterns in Vertebrate Elemental Content”
  • Nila Colon-Street, “Fungal Communities of Decomposed Pine and Oak Sapwood within the NJ Pinelands”
  • Christina Curran-Alfaro, “Mapping Spatial Learning in the Teleost Brain, Through Use of Behavioral Trials and Cytochrome Oxidase Histochemistry”
  • Katrina DeWitt, “Stoichiometric Trait Diversity of Aquatic Invertebrates Across Spatial Scales”
  • Mia DiLolle, “Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Gene Expression in Drosophila nebulosa”
  • Morgan Dwyer, “Characterizing the Quantitative Genetic Elements of Conidiation in Neurospora crassa”
  • Fatima Er, “On the Occurrence of Mixed Synapse: The Source”
  • Ourania Nikolaidis, “How do Mutalistic Relationships affect Community Dynamics?”
  • Tanya Patel, “Comparative Analysis of Lipid Content in Ants across Street Medians” 
  • Lizbeth Pena-Bonsenor, “Limb Volume Computation for the Upper Extremity: A Comparison of Mathematical Approaches”
  • Elizabeth Popov, “Gluconacetobacter xylinus Cellulose’s Structural Interactions with Silk Fibroin in Regenerated Biofilms
  • Mario Rivera Benito, “The Influences of Water Scarcity on Urban Ant Food Choices”
  • Rachel VanCuren, “Not All Plants are Vegan: Morphological and Physical Characteristics of Carnivorous Plants”