“I love Rutgers–Camden. I love every minute of it,” says Howard Robertson IV, a political science student who is currently applying to Rutgers School of Law for the Fall 2015 semester. Howard always had passion for politics, but it was strengthened in 2008 with President Obama’s election. He explains that he found it hard to follow along with the campaign because he did not entirely understand everything about policies and the differing viewpoints. “So, I dove into it, and tried to learn everything,” he says. Howard also has a strong interest in history. “[History and political science] go hand in hand. You can’t understand the present without understanding what already happened in the past,” he says. He adds that economics are interwoven with politics and history as well, which explains his love for corporate law and finance.

Upon the advice of Dr. Richard Harris, Professor of Political Science, Howard enrolled in the political science honors program. He says that it is difficult work, especially since he must balance his academics with two part-time jobs and his own landscaping business, but political science is also his greatest passion. He also enjoys the freedom of studying what he wants as well as the responsibility of it. “You get to learn more in-depth. I recommend that students go for [the honors program] if they have the opportunity.”

Howard plans on attending Georgetown University for his master’s degree in corporate law and finance, mentioning that a family member attended the university, and he would like to experience another setting. Howards says that Rutgers–Camden helped him propel him to his goals, and he credits a lot of his progress to the small campus that allows for more personal connections to students and professors, which he believes enhances the overall quality of the education. In particular, he mentions that Dr. Harris helped guide him along his academic journey at Rutgers–Camden.

As alternate captain and treasurer of the hockey team, Howard leads the team on the ice and gives advice and support to his teammates, “which is awesome,” he says. He also serves as treasurer, and this position provides him with experience in handling money and understanding finances. “Being on a third division hockey team is fun because it’s competitive, but not overly competitive, so it can still be fun.” He adds that his biggest challenge right now is managing time. “I have classes at eight in the morning and I don’t get home from games until midnight or later. I don’t have a lot of free time, but I’m glad that I can be productive and not waste any time,” he says.

In addition to being a good student and being active on campus, Howard has two part-time jobs and owns his own landscape business. Since he was young, Howard has mowed lawns for neighbors and friends, but the odd job here and there later evolved as his uncle, who owned a landscaping business, asked him to do some work for him. Howard says he enjoys the work keeping him busy in addition to the allowance of a flexible, seasonal schedule that the job entails.

When asked about his future plans, Howard says, “I will miss being an undergrad here.” Howard adds that when he is done school, his ideal professional position involves working at a Wall Street bank, or even a small, local branch where he can make a difference. “I’d be happy working anywhere [but]…ideally, someday, I’d want to be president!” he laughs.


Written By Rebecca Grubb