Three Political Science Honors students in a seminar on Business and Government, Rachelle Rankin, Howard Robertson and Tamari Ramishvili were able to attend the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce Legislative and Business Awards Dinner on October 9, 2013. They heard commentary on business and government cooperation from awardees State Senators Fred Madden (D) and Anthony Bucco (R), Assemblymen John Burzichelli (D) and David Rible (R), and Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner and former VP of Accenture Robert Martin. In addition, they were able to discuss current policy matters such as the impact of the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank bank reform with business leaders from southern New Jersey.

Political Science Honors Students at Dinner

Tamari Ramishvili  – “Attending the NJ Chamber of Commerce Legislative Awards Reception proved to be rewarding: I was able to observe accomplished and impressive individuals interact in a professional environment. Everyone I was fortunate enough to meet had many things to say about what they’ve done in their community and certain positions that they’ve held. To my surprise, I also found many of the attendees to be Rutgers alumni, which was very stimulating. Needless to say, merely being in the presence of such people was both inspiring and encouraging and I’m grateful for having attended the event.”

Rachelle Rankin – “Recently I attended the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Legislative and Business Awards and had the opportunity to witness some of our state leaders be recognized for their hard work and dedication. As a Rutgers-Camden student I have enjoyed learning both inside and outside of the classroom. That is why Rutgers-Camden is the right choice for me.”

Howard W. Robertson IV – “I enjoyed my time there, as well as being able to network and speak to people outside of the university setting. Through the conversations I had I learned a lot about business in New Jersey, as well as Government/ Business relations, which coincides with our seminar topic. It was an interesting and educational night, so again thank you for the invite.”