Dr. Holly Blackford (professor, CFAS-English) authored an article, “Childhood and Greek Love:  Dorian Gray and Peter Pan,” that has been published in the journal Children’s Literature Association Quarterly.

Dr. Myra Bluebond-Langner (professor II, CFAS-anthropology) has been named an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in England.  She currently is serving as the True Colors Chair in Palliative Care for Children and Young People at University College London’s Institute of Child Health.

Dr. Richard Harris (professor, CFAS-political science) published an article, “Does ‘Too Big to Fail’ Signal the Triumph of Business Power,” in The Forum:  Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary Politics.

Dr. Ellen Ledoux (associate professor, CFAS-English) is the author of a new book, Social Reform in Gothic Writing:  Fantastic Forms of Change, 1764-1834 (Macmillan).  The book offers a new perspective on the societal role of Gothic literature in England, America, and colonial Jamaica.  Her essay, “Defiant Damsels: Gothic Space and Female Agency in Emmeline, The Mysteries of Udolpho and Secresy,” has been selected for inclusion in the 20th anniversary edition of the journal Women’s Writing.

Dr. Charlene Mires (associate professor, CFAS-history and director, MARCH) received a favorable review of her book, Capital of the World:  The Race to Host the United Nations (NYU Press, 2013), on the website PassBlue, which covers the United Nations.

Kimberlee Moran (grants facilitator, CFAS) has been nominated in the category of “Scientist of the Year” for the 2013 Philadelphia Geek Awards in recognition of her work in the area of forensic science.

Dr. Alan Tarr (professor II, CFAS-political science and director, Center for State Constitutional Studies) is the coauthor of American Constitutional Law (Westview Press), which recently published its ninth edition.

Dr. Wojtek Wolfe (assistant professor, CFAS-political science) participated in the panel discussion “U.S.-Taiwan Relations, Cross-Strait Relations, and Implications for U.S.-China Relations” at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York City in April; the event was sponsored by the Foreign Policy Research Institute.  He published an article, “China’s Strategic Hedging,” in the spring 2013 edition of the journal Orbis.