Dr. BENEDETTO PICCOLI (Joseph and Loretta Lopez Chair in Mathematics, CFAS) has been named a fellow of the prestigious American Mathematical Society for his outstanding scholarly contributions to advance the discipline.

Dr. CATI COE (associate professor, CFAS-anthropology) delivered a paper, “Keeping Their Children by Sending Them ‘Home’: The Transnational Parenting Strategies of Ghanaian Migrants,” as part of a panel about “How Transnational Migrants Decide Where to Raise their Children” at the American Anthropological Association annual meeting in San Francisco in November. She also served as discussant for the panel “Research Frontiers in the Study of Children and Youth in Africa,” organized by the Children and Youth Interest Group at the same annual meeting.  Finally, she published a chapter, “Transnational Parenting: Child Fostering in Ghanaian Immigrant Families,” in Young Children of Black Immigrants in America: Changing Flows, Changing Faces (Migration Policy Institute, 2012).

Dr. RAJIV GANDHI (associate professor, CFAS-computer science) will deliver a talk, “From Potential to Promise:  Developing Scholars, One Eureka Moment at a Time,” as part of the Center for Applied Mathematics Colloquium at the Cornell University College of Engineering on Feb. 15.

Dr. JANET GOLDEN (professor, CFAS-history) contributed an article, “For Women in New Hampshire, Room at the Top!,” to the website WomensVoicesForChange.org.

Dr. GWENDOLYN HARRIS (executive director, CFAS-Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs) has been named chair of the Board of Trustees for Mercer County Community College.

Dr. KATRINA HAZZARD-DONALD (associate professor, CFAS-sociology) is the author of a new book, Mojo Workin’: The Old African American Hoodoo System (University of Illinois Press, 2012).

Dr. PAUL JARGOWSKY (professor, CFAS-public policy and director, Center for Urban Research and Education) addressed the Board of Trustees of the Century Foundation in New York on poverty trends and emerging issues on Oct. 26.  He delivered a talk, “Reflections on Recovery,” at the Burn Foundation’s Annual Gala at the Union League on Oct. 19.

Prof. PATRICK ROSAL (assistant professor, CFAS-English) served as one of five judges for the National Book Awards’ Young Peoples’ Literature category.

Dr. ALEXANDER SAMOKHVALOV (assistant professor, CFAS-chemistry) delivered a research presentation, “Molecular Reaction Networks of Photocatalytic and Photochemical Reactions of Platform Phenolic Compounds from Lignin,” at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) in Pittsburgh on Oct. 30. He also gave another research presentation, “Kinetics and Mechanism of Adsorption of Aromatic Sulfur Compounds on MOFs from Liquid Fuels,” on Oct. 31 at the same meeting of the AIChE, which is the world’s leading organization for chemical engineering professionals.

Dr. ALAN TARR (professor II, CGAS-political science and director, Center for State Constitutional Studies) has published a chapter, “Federalism and Subnational Legal Systems: The Canadian Example of Provincial Constitutionalism,” in the book Comparative Law and Society (Edward Elgar, 2012).  On Oct. 18, he served as a panelist and questioner during a New Jersey Third Congressional District candidate’s debate in Medford.  He also delivered the lecture “Who’s Afraid of Elected Judges?” at Boston College.  His article, “No Exit: The Financial Crisis Facing State Courts,” appeared in the recent edition of Kentucky Law Journal.