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Sean DiGiulio

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We R Rutgers-Camden: Anthony Rossi

Posted at 9:40 am March 26, 2012, in We R Arts and Sciences Student Spotlight

Anthony RossiAttending Rutgers-Camden has proven to be the correct decision. As a transfer student, I was unaware of how involved students could be with their institution. During my first semester, I was introduced to advanced biology, and immediately felt the need to contribute. I approached Dr. Daniel Shain, a professor known for his annelid expertise, and asked to assist in his lab. To my surprise and delight, he immediately involved me. I began working in the laboratory, performing primary research related to his studies, while being allowed to develop my own personal interests. Since that time, I have been given every opportunity to succeed. I was introduced to other professors to assist my development further, such as Dr. William Saidel, a professor studying neurology with fish, so that I could learn to prepare and analyze specimen using transmission electron microscopy, an invaluable skill that I will use wherever my pursuits guide me. I am astounded by the level of genuine concern and assistance members of the biology department have offered. As a result, I have decided to stay at Rutgers-Camden while I pursue my master’s degree, before continuing my academic endeavors and earning a Ph.D.

About Anthony Rossi

Hometown: Pitman, NJ

Major: Biology

Minor: Mathematics

Expected Camden College of Arts and Sciences Graduation Date: May 2012

Graduate School-Camden Entrance Date: Fall 2012

A member of the dean’s list, Mr. Rossi also is a recipient of the Summer Undergraduate Research Grant, STEM Scholarship, and Drs. Owen and Ronald Rahman Award.

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