Reimbursement Instructions

  1. After your travel is complete, download the Travel Expense Request form (PDF) and either fill it out electronically then print or print then fill out by hand.
  2. Give the completed form, along with your original or scanned receipts, to the department secretary. The department secretary will then fill in the account numbers and process the expense reimbursement.
  3. Be sure to submit your form as soon as possible from the date of your trip. Delays may compromise your reimbursement.

Note: RU faculty and staff travelers who travel to international destinations on university business must register through the online Faculty and Staff International Travel Registration:


Important Purchases and Expense Information


New Brunswick wants purchases put through RIAS whenever possible. If a vendor is not already a supplier in RIAS, ask your secretary to contact the company to see if they will accept a purchase order and then they can obtain the information needed to put them into the database.

Memberships and Registrations can be processed through RIAS.

A Rutgers travel agency can be used to book airfare and Amtrak tickets.

Faculty can request a Travel Advance to use for travel expenses.  The Advance is usually received 2 weeks prior to travel. An Advance should be reconciled on an Expense Report within 30 days of return.

A brochure/conference itinerary is necessary for any conference travel reimbursement.


There is a $500 limit on a single item reimbursement request not related to travel.

If an item is over $500 and cannot be purchased using RIAS, you must request prior authorization from Stanley Makarevic, Director of Purchasing.  Approval email must be included with receipts.