The Office of Prestigious Fellowships and Awardsoffers assistance to students and recent graduates in all stages of the application process for major national and international fellowships.  Our office provides information on available programs, strategic planning, advice, and support for completing a competitive application.  Students interested in applying for fellowships are encouraged to make an appointment with the OPFA adviser Robert Emmons.

Where to Begin

  1. Start the process as early as you can.
  2. Browse for fellowships, scholarships, or awards that are pertinent or of interest to you.
  3. Check for deadlines. Some scholarships have campus deadlines as well.
  4. Download and read carefully the rules for applying for the particular fellowship or scholarship you are interested in. In some cases you can apply online directly; in other cases you can download the application forms, fill them out, and submit them by regular mail. You need to look particularly at the deadline for submitting an application and the number of letters of recommendation you will need. It is only polite to ask for letters of recommendation approximately 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the deadline.
  5. Once you have decided to apply for a fellowship or scholarship, contact Dr. Robert Emmons so that he can guide you through the process.

Visit our resources section for help.


Do you have questions about the Office of Prestigious Fellowships and Awards program or a specific fellowship or scholarship opportunity?

Email: Dr. Robert A. Emmons Jr.
Visit: Robeson Library, Room 296
Call: (856) 225-6670