With a new General Education curriculum to take effect Fall 2016, the CCAS Faculty Senate is reviewing comprehensive learning goals inclusive of  both Gen Ed and departmental curricula. These goals recognize that a Rutgers University–Camden education requires breadth as well as depth to foster the intellectual and social capacities of its graduates. Committed to the liberal arts, CCAS changes lives with a focus on the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary for graduates to contribute productively to their chosen professions and responsibly to their local and global communities.

All degree programs thus emphasize

  • the critical thinking required to recognize and address complex problems using appropriate tools for analysis;
  • the ability to locate and contextualize information and to evaluate evidence for its validity and reliability;
  • the facility to communicate clearly and effectively across multiple contexts and purposes using a range of technologies;
  • the responsibility to engage the world with empathy and with understanding of the diversity of human experience;
  •  the capacities of curiosity, persistence and self-efficacy necessary for lifelong learning.


(draft, 12.8.15)