FASC Procedures for New Online Course Development

  • A faculty member (full-time or a part-time lecturer) interested in developing an online course should discuss their idea with their department chair.  Pedagogical or technical questions should be directed to the Office of Instructional Design and Technology.
  • If the chair approves the online course development, s/he should contact Dr. Jane Siegel, Associate Dean for FASC Undergraduate Programs and University College, and request approval for the contract to be issued.  Contracts should be issued at least four months before the semester in which the course will be offered. The chair’s email request to Associate Dean Siegel should contain the following information:
    • Instructor’s Name
    • Semester
    • Course Number and Title
    • Description of Course
    • Course Justification
  • If approved, Dr. Siegel will forward his approval to Ms. Julie Roncinske, Assistant Dean III, who will prepare an online course development contract, to be signed by Dr. Siegel, the department chair, and the faculty member developing the course. Once all signatures are obtained, Assistant Dean Roncinske will send the final, signed contract to the three signatories for their records.
  • Once course development is completed, the developer and manager (a member of the Office of Instructional Design and Technology) will sign Appendix A and forward it to Ms. Julie Roncinske, who will file it with the signed contract.

Tracking and Confirmation of Development Contract

  • The Office of Instructional Design and Technology will be responsible for confirming both “50% completion” and “100% completion” goals as required in the contract.
  • When the instructor completes 100% of course development, the Office of Instructional Design and Technology will send a payment request to the FASC–Office of the Dean. 
Online Course Development Schedule    
   Spring Summer  Fall  Winter
50% Completion  10/15  2/15  6/15  10/1
100% Completion  12/1  4/1  8/1  11/15


Course Scheduling

  • The department chair should submit online courses as part of the department schedule to the Office of the RegistrarEnrollment cap must be set to 25.

Online Course Requirements

New courses need to be vetted by the academic policy and course study committee and approved by the Faculty Senate: https://registrar.camden.rutgers.edu/sites/registrar/files/Form_29.pdf