Rutgers Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

As New Jersey continues to deal with the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, members of the Rutgers community are organizing and finding ways to help heal our great state and surrounding communities. Please click here to learn more

Gloria Bonilla-Santiago Receives Award

Gloria Bonilla-Santiago, professor in the Department of Public Policy and Administration, Rutgers–Camden, is the principal investigator of an award totaling $1,012,794. The program titled Early Childhood Pre-School Program is being supported by the Camden Board of Education. Learn more about Professor Bonilla-Santiago here.

William FitzGerald Publishes Book

William FitzGerald’s book, Spiritual Modalities: Prayer as Rhetoric and Performance, has just been published. A bold recasting of prayer as a rhetorical art, Spiritual Modalities investigates situations, strategies, and performative modes of discourse directed to divine audiences. Examining how prayer “works,” Spiritual Modalities reads prayer’s situations and strategies, its characteristic acts and attitudes, to advance an understanding of prayer … Read more of William FitzGerald Publishes Book

Spring 2013 Registration

Registration for Spring 2013 begins on Sunday, November 4, 2012.  Students, if you have not contacted your advisor, please do so ASAP to schedule an appointment to discuss your spring schedule. Registration dates are as follows: November 4, 2012, Sunday: Undergraduate Students with 90+ credits earned (seniors) & All Graduate Students, registration begins at 10:00 … Read more of Spring 2013 Registration

Guy Kortsarz Receives Award

Guy Kortsarz, professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers–Camden, is the principal investigator of an award totaling $333,884. The project titled Network Design and Facility Location Problems is being supported by the National Science Foundation. Learn more about Professor Kortsarz here.

Marie Isabelle Chevrier Publishes Book

Marie Isabelle Chevrier, professor in the Department of Public Policy and Administration at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers–Camden, published a book titled Arms Control Policy: A Guide to the Issues. Learn more here.

We R Rutgers-Camden: Dr. Alan Tarr

“I was intrigued by Rutgers-Camden’s unique position of having the feeling of a small liberal arts college but also being part of a major research university.”