Departmental Contacts and Additional Assignments

Individual departments within the FASC unit are divided among the Business Specialists to ensure timely, comprehensive reporting and analysis of financial standings and requests. Additionally, each Business Specialist is tasked with overseeing specific tasks or services completed within the Business Office. See below for the designated Business Specialist to contact.


Division Organization Department Contact    Additional Assignments Contact
5125 4146 Visual Media and Performing Arts  Nicole Gillespie   P Card Requests Jessica Sanchez
8612 Theater Arts Nicole Gillespie   Expense Management Jessica Sanchez
5265 2025 CCIB Nicole Gillespie   Procurement Inquiries Nicole Gillespie
2120 Forensic Science Nicole Gillespie   New Project Requests Mary Anne Seville
2445 CURE Nicole Gillespie   Project Balances Mary Anne Seville
2935 Community Leadership Center Mary Anne Seville   Employee Charging Instructions Nicole Gillespie
3383 Digital Studies Nicole Gillespie   Course Fee Reports Mary Anne Seville
4874 IEE Jessica Sanchez   Student Worker Forms Jessica Sanchez
5378 Leadership Institute Nicole Gillespie   Payroll Inquiries Jessica Sanchez
5770 MARCH Nicole Gillespie   ECRT Inquiries Mary Anne Seville
5903 NRCCFI Jessica Sanchez      
7821 RCCA Nicole Gillespie      
8206 Stedman Art Gallery Nicole Gillespie      
9088 WRI Jessica Sanchez      
5455 3019 Computer Science Nicole Gillespie      
5825 4573 Health Psychology Jessica Sanchez      
5865 1227 Africana Studies Nicole Gillespie      
2956 Comparative European Studies Nicole Gillespie      
4643 History Nicole Gillespie      
5343 Latin American Studies Nicole Gillespie      
5441 Liberal Studies Nicole Gillespie      
7079 Philosophy & Religion Nicole Gillespie      
9130 Women & Gender Studies Nicole Gillespie      
5900 6246 Off Campus Initiatives Nicole Gillespie      
6365 Online Instruction Nicole Gillespie      
5990 3761 English Nicole Gillespie      
4223 World Languages Nicole Gillespie      
4368 Global Affairs Nicole Gillespie      
6015 1556 Biology Mary Anne Seville      
6935 2564 Chemistry Mary Anne Seville      
5602 Mathematics Mary Anne Seville      
7121 Physics Mary Anne Seville      
6295 4671 Honors College Mary Anne Seville      
6435 Dean’s Office Rosa Rivera      
8409 Summer Winter Session Mary Anne Seville      
6755 2613 Childhood Studies Jessica Sanchez      
7345 Psychology Mary Anne Seville      
6765 3551 Economics Mary Anne Seville      
7177 Political Science Mary Anne Seville      
7380 DPPA Mary Anne Seville      
6775 3173 Criminal Justice Jessica Sanchez      
8108 Sociology Mary Anne Seville      
6815 9228 Writing Program Mary Anne Seville