The Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts (RCCA) will show its third virtual exhibition, Materia: Arte de la Amazonia Peruana/Matter: Art of the Peruvian Amazon” from April 7, 2021 – June 30 2021.

Explore the spirit, beauty, and fragility of the Peruvian Amazon through the perspective of both indigenous and transplant artists living and working deep in the heart of the jungle. Feel their strong spiritual connection to the flora and fauna that make life in the Amazon vibrant and possible. Hear their call to the world to take notice of not only the physical loss of land and life to industry and pollution, but also to the loss of rich cultural traditions that have been slowly becoming extinct.
The exhibition Materia: Arte de la Amazonia Peruana (Matter: Art of the Peruvian Amazon), curated by Carmen Balcazar-Pendleton, presents contemporary works from six artists working in a variety of media from traditional painting, to music, to textiles. Join these incredible artists on a virtual tour of beauty and hope. Artists/Guardians of the Amazon: Percy Aleksander, musician/composer; Brus Rubio, painter; David Orlando, illustrator; Marlena Churay Roque, textile artist; Jose Asuncion, painter; Claire Lardeux, mixed media.