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We R Rutgers-Camden: Rachel Johnson-Walsh

Rachel Johnson-Walsh
"I consider myself unbelievably fortunate to have a respected university such as Rutgers-Camden, which attracts students from all over the world, within commuting distance of my parents’ home."
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Dual-Degree Programs

It is possible for qualified Rutgers-Camden students to get a head start on completing a BA/MA, BA/MALS, BA/MAT, BA/MS, BA/MPA, or BS/MS by taking advantage of the Dual-Degree Program described below.

BA/MA in Childhood Studies, Criminal Justice, English, History, and Psychology
BA/MALS in Liberal Studies
BA/MAT in Teaching Spanish
BA/MS in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematical Science
BA/MPA in Political Science, Economics, or Urban Studies
BS/MS in Computer Science

Fall/Junior Year:
Students are identified, informed about the program, and referred to the graduate directors.  Interested students may also meet with the graduate director to determine eligibility.

Spring/Junior Year:

  1. The graduate director sends the student a letter of acceptance into the dual-degree program before the April pre-registration period. A copy of this letter is sent to the Office of Admissions, to the Office of the Registrar, and to the associate dean of the Graduate School.
  2. During pre-registration advising on the student’s senior year schedule, the student is registered for graduate course(s) in fall of the senior year. A special permission number will be needed. This course is taken along with his/her regular undergraduate courses. The undergraduate tuition rate is charged for the graduate course(s), and the credits are double-counted (i.e., they are part of the 120 credits required for the BA or BS and are also counted  toward the MA or MS).

Fall/Senior Year:
Following  the registration procedure described above, the student is registered for graduate course(s) to be taken in the spring semester of the senior year.

Spring/Senior Year:

  1. The student formally applies to the Graduate School, following all normal procedures.
  2. The student is awarded the baccalaureate degree.

Having been formally admitted to the Graduate School, the student may begin taking courses in either the summer or the fall after graduation.  Upon entering the Graduate School, the student will already have completed three (or, in a 42-credit program, four) courses required for the master’s degree.  He/she will also have saved approximately $3400 in graduate tuition.


  1. No student may take more than THREE graduate courses while an undergraduate student. (Exception: the BA/MPA program allows students to take FOUR graduate courses while an undergraduate student.)
  2. No student will be classified as a graduate student and coded school 56 until the baccalaureate degree has been awarded.

Questions about this option should be directed to the appropriate graduate director.