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Prentiss Dantzler

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We R Rutgers-Camden: David Luor

Posted at 10:36 am February 25, 2012, in We R Arts and Sciences Student Spotlight

David LuorI knew that at Rutgers-Camden I could do great things, backed with a world-class reputation and superior support system of renowned faculty and committed administrators. And then I realized that at Rutgers-Camden I could be someone — through growth.

The distinctive intellectual culture that dominates most of my classrooms stimulates true learning. This culture is a strong testimony to the dedication of my teachers who are at the forefront of their disciplines and who are convicted to share the human significance of the subject matters.

I am grateful that my learning experiences have been with such faculty, as they have translated into meaningful progress for me, the academic community, and the local residents of Camden. In this way, I am finding that Rutgers-Camden has been a sure provider of guidance.

The people who comprise of the departments of science and humanities know their intrinsic responsibility as cultivators of knowledge and ideas. In turn, I am becoming someone who likewise engages meaningfully with the world. Thank you, Rutgers-Camden.

About David Luor

Hometown: Cedar Knolls, NJ

Major: Biology

Minors: Childhood Studies and Psychology

Expected Camden College of Arts and Sciences Graduation Date: 2013

Mr. Luor is a recipient of the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Prize and of the Jack and Mary O’Malley Endowed Scholarship for Academic Excellence. He has also been selected to present at the annual American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology national meeting.

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